About us

We were established in 2010 in Beirut, Lebanon, to provide you with total Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) services. 

We have combined our business and HR knowledge with the expertise of Purple Martin’s team to get in your shoes to better understand your needs and offer your business tailor-made optimized solutions. 

Since we have made it our mission to convert your business challenges into thriving opportunities through HR transformation, we provide Total HR services and make sure that no aspect of HR is overlooked. Our services range from the Strategic Management of Human Resources to Talent Management and to HR process management.


Need more details about our services for your business?
We differentiate ourselves by
Our ability to provide end-to-end solutions; from concept to post-implementation management
Our holistic approach enables us to cover all aspects of an intervention
Our capacity to serve clients of all sizes and across industries
A service that enables your internal capability to achieve instead of replacing it
We commit to
Providing the most efficient and best fit solution
Improving quality of service to your organization
Adding rigor to the methods and the processes
Reinforcing your company branding
So far, we have served companies from the following industries:

Did you know?

Purple Martin is the name of a beautiful dark blue bird, that has many common attributes with our company.

The Purple Martins are known for gracing gardens with color and organic free mosquitoes control. People innovate to attract them to their backyards to eat the mosquitoes. Theirs songs and calls are a distinctive, low-pitched, liquid, rolling twitter. Sitting back and watching their antics throughout the day is a pleasant and relaxing pastime. In fact, in time, you’ll catch yourself spending more and more time watching and enjoying them.